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Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino is a program that emulates a casino and can be played online
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Zodiac Casino is a program that emulates a casino and can be played online. The program has a great variety of games such as digital slot machines and video poker which can be played alone. It also provides multiplayer for games like roulette and games with a tournament style.

The interface of the program is very well designed and easy to use with most of the buttons on the bottom right and it is equipped with a search engine in case you're looking for a certain game. In the game section you can choose from a lot of games to play and after choosing something the program will download it. All the games have good graphics and are easy to play.

The program is available in many languages and in case you don't know how to play certain games or just want to learn you can access the help option which is really thorough in explaining each game. A game also has its own custom sounds and if they annoy you, the sound can be muted from the top right of the interface.

Another good thing about the program is that you can play multiple games at once with each game opened in a tab and very easily accessible. This is very handy when playing with other people because you can play something else while waiting for everyone to make a move.

The casino platform itself is free, however, in order to play the games you need to add credits and this can easily be done with the Bank feature.

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